fleet Documentation


NOTE: The metrics feature is considered experimental. We may add/change/remove metrics without warning in future releases.

fleet uses Prometheus for metrics reporting in the server. The metrics can be used for real-time monitoring and debugging.

See the etcd metrics.md for more information about metrics used in etcd and Prometheus.

The naming of metrics follows the suggested best practice of Prometheus. A metric name has an fleet prefix as its namespace and a subsystem prefix (for example engine and registry).

To get metrics data you have to request data from fleetd Unix domain socket:

curl --unix-socket /var/run/fleet.sock http:/metrics

If you've configured fleetd to listen TCP socket, please use this command:


fleetd exposes the following metrics:

Name Description Type
engine_leader_start_time Timestamp when this fleetd became leader Gauge
engine_task_count_total The total number of executed tasks Counter
engine_task_failure_count_total The total number of failed tasks Counter
engine_reconcile_count_total The total number of reconcile rounds Counter
engine_reconcile_duration_second The latency distribution of reconcile rounds Histogram
engine_reconcile_failure_count_total The total number of reconcile failures Counter
registry_operation_count_total The total number of registry operations Counter
registry_operation_failed_count_total The total number of failed registry operations Counter
registry_operation_duration_second The latency distribution of registry operations Histogram