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fleet release guide

The guide talks about how to release a new version of fleet.

The procedure includes some manual steps for sanity checking but it can probably be further scripted. Please keep this document up-to-date if you want to make changes to the release process.

Prepare Release

Set desired version as environment variable for following steps. Here is an example to release 0.13.0:

export VERSION=v0.13.0

Set the subkey ID for the appropriate signing key:

export SUBKEYID=3F1B2C87

All releases version numbers follow the format of semantic versioning 2.0.0.

Major, Minor Version Release, or its Pre-release

  • Ensure the relevant milestone on GitHub is complete. All referenced issues should be closed, or moved elsewhere.
  • Ensure the latest upgrade documentation is available.
  • Add feature capability maps for the new version, if necessary.

Write Release Note

  • Write introduction for the new release. For example, what major bug we fix, what new features we introduce or what performance improvement we make.
  • Write changelog for the last release. The changelog should be straightforward and easy to understand for the end-user.

Tag Version

  • Ensure all tests on CI system are passed.
  • Manually check fleet is buildable in Linux, Darwin.
  • Manually check upgrade fleet cluster of previous minor version works well.
  • Manually check new features work well.
  • Add a signed tag through GIT_COMMITTER_NAME="CoreOS Application Signing Key" GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL="security@coreos.com" git tag -s ${VERSION} -u $SUBKEYID. (note that you may need git config gpg.program=gpg2)
  • Sanity check tag correctness through git show tags/$VERSION.
  • Push the tag to GitHub through git push origin tags/$VERSION. This assumes origin corresponds to "https://github.com/coreos/fleet".

Build Release Binaries and Images

  • Ensure acbuild is available.
  • Ensure docker is available.

Run release script in root directory:

./scripts/release.sh ${VERSION}

It generates all release binaries and images under directory ./release.

Sign Binaries and Images

The following commands are used for public release sign. Note that SUBKEYID should have been set appropriately:

cd release
gpg2 --sign -u $SUBKEYID --detach-sig fleet-${VERSION}.tar.gz
gpg2 -u $SUBKEYID -a --output fleetd-${VERSION}-linux-amd64.aci.asc --detach-sig fleetd-${VERSION}-linux-amd64.aci

Publish Release Page in GitHub

  • Set release title as the version name.
  • Follow the format of previous release pages.
  • Attach the generated binaries, aci image and signatures.
  • Publish the release!

Publish Docker Image in Quay.io

  • Push docker image:
docker login quay.io
docker push quay.io/coreos/fleet:${VERSION}
  • Add latest tag to the new image on quay.io if this is a stable release.