Kubernetes Conformance Tests

There's a better way!

The Tectonic Installer provides a Terraform-based Kubernetes installation. It is open source, uses upstream Kubernetes and can be easily customized.

Install Kubernetes with Tectonic

This guide will not be maintained in the future and is not currently tested against current releases of Kubernetes.

The conformance test checks that a kubernetes installation supports a minimum required feature set.


You will need to have a Kubernetes cluster already running.

Make sure only the essential pods are running, and there are no failed or pending pods. If you are testing a small / development cluster, you may need to increase the node memory or tests could inconsistently fail (e.g. 2048mb for single-node vagrant).

Running the Tests

If you are running the conformance tests against a vagrant cluster, you can use the conformance-test.sh script located either in the single-node or multi-node/vagrant directories.

To test a running cluster:

First, clone a copy of this repository to a host with ssh access to the Kubernetes cluster.

$ git clone https://github.com/coreos/coreos-kubernetes

Then run the contrib/conformance-test.sh helper script, replacing the and

$ cd coreos-kubernets/contrib
$ ./conformance-test.sh <ssh-host> <ssh-port> <path-to-ssh-key>