Open Cloud Services

Automate critical operations for your applications with managed, intelligent open source services pre-configured out of the box.

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What are Open Cloud Services?

In a digital world, enterprises need to move fast in developing applications and in making changes to those applications as requirements evolve. The best way to achieve agility is by adopting pre-built services.

CoreOS Open Cloud Services are software services made available to Tectonic users on-demand and anywhere their code runs. Open Cloud Services handle the heavy lifting of maintaining vital open source projects by automating patching and upgrading, disaster recovery, and horizontal scaling.

What makes Open Cloud Services unique is that they are not limited to any single compute platform, granting enterprise users true portability across a hybrid infrastructure.

Open Cloud Services are powered by three software components: the Operator, the Console UI, and Open Cloud Service instances. The Operator defines Kubernetes resources that can be created or edited via either the Console UI, kubectl, or the Kubernetes API. From these resources, an Operator then creates instances of the service that match that resource definition.

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Open Cloud Services Catalog

Each Open Cloud Service takes the toil out of running a service by automating the common and often tedious tasks an administrator would previously have managed manually. The first three services in the CoreOS Open Cloud Services Catalog include:

Store and manage data for any application with etcd Open Cloud Service, a fully-managed etcd key-value store. Many distributed systems leverage etcd for their most important coordination tasks, including Kubernetes.

Easy highly available setup: Multiple instances of etcd are clustered together and secured. Individual failures or networking issues are transparently corrected to keep your cluster up and running.

Safe, automated upgrades: Rolling out a new etcd version is as easy as updating the etcd cluster definition. Everything is handled automatically with a safe rolling update to the latest version.

Backups included: Trigger backups to an object store on a periodic basis as part of disaster recovery planning.

Stand up a managed application monitoring and metrics stack for operations and applications teams in one click with Prometheus Open Cloud Service. Make metrics actionable with Prometheus's Alertmanager to route, email, page, or message teams when something goes wrong with an application or the container infrastructure.

Highly available: Redundancy is configured to ensure important metrics are never missed in production. Save resources in development environments by running a single instance.

Kubernetes-native: Native Kubernetes paradigms, like Pod label selectors, automatically track all application containers even as they are upgraded, destroyed, or rescheduled.

High performance: Containers encourage the creation of more services and CoreOS ensures Prometheus tracks all of those services while using minimal resources.

Secure, store, and manage access to tokens, passwords, certificates, API keys, and your other secrets with Vault Open Cloud Service. Deploy this one-click, fully-managed Vault secret management service on top of your Tectonic cluster.

Secure by default:Hands-free automated creation of TLS certificates between all components ensures all best practices are followed for secret security. Further, the API makes unseal operations easy.

Highly available: Multiple instances of Vault are clustered together via an etcd backend and secured.

Safe, automated upgrades: Rolling out a new Vault version is as easy as updating the Vault Cluster definition. Everything is handled automatically using Vault best practices while pausing for unseal tokens.

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