Deploy OpenStack as an Application on Kubernetes

Turn Your Data Center into a Single Platform Proven by Web Giants

Tectonic is the universal Kubernetes solution for deploying, managing and securing containers anywhere and will unite the benefits of OpenStack with the container-based tooling of Kubernetes. With CoreOS by your side, OpenStack will be easier to manage and deploy using the best of container infrastructure.

This tech preview of OpenStack on Kubernetes provides high availability with simple scaling and control plane self-healing, virtual machine live migration, and the full complement of OpenStack IaaS features – deployed, managed, and scaled with Kubernetes automation. With today's preview, you can deploy OpenStack on Kubernetes in 15 minutes with a single kpm command.

By running OpenStack as an application on Kubernetes we will be able to pull together the entire data center into a single platform that has been proven by hyperscale giants.
Alex Polvi
CEO of CoreOS

Kubernetes's features, flexibility and scalability make Stackanetes a robust solution for managing OpenStack. The combined effort between CoreOS, Intel, and Mirantis demonstrates that Kubernetes is a mature solution for improving the lifecycle management, monitoring, and scaling of complex production platforms like OpenStack.

OpenStack control plane running  with containers
OpenStack control plane running with containers
Stateful storage deployed on a subset of nodes
Stateful storage deployed on a subset of nodes
User VMs run in containers, scheduled to nodes
User VMs run in containers, scheduled to nodes

OpenStack has a reputation for complexity that can sometimes rival its power. Kubernetes cluster orchestration makes OpenStack much easier to deploy and manage. OpenStack is composed of several stateless applications that communicate to provide services – a familiar model in the world of microservices that Kubernetes and containers call home. Of course, OpenStack also relies on a set of stateful data stores that underpin those services. The Stackanetes work demonstrates these applications can also be deployed, scaled, and managed by Kubernetes.

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