Operation Guide

Install etcd operator

Before you create the etcd-operator make sure you setup the necessary rbac rules if your Kubernetes version is 1.6 or higher.

Create deployment:

$ kubectl create -f example/deployment.yaml

etcd operator will automatically creates a Kubernetes Third-Party Resource (TPR):

$ kubectl get thirdpartyresources
NAME                      DESCRIPTION             VERSION(S)
cluster.etcd.coreos.com   Managed etcd clusters   v1beta1

Uninstall etcd operator

Note that the etcd clusters managed by etcd operator will NOT be deleted even if the operator is uninstalled. This is an intentional design to prevent accidental operator failure from killing all the etcd clusters. In order to delete all clusters, delete all cluster TPR objects before uninstall the operator.

Delete deployment:

$ kubectl delete -f example/deployment.yaml

Delete leader election endpoint

$ kubectl delete endpoints etcd-operator

Installation via Helm

etcd-operator is available as a Helm chart. Follow the instructions on the chart to install etcd-operator on your cluster.