Periodic etcd Backup using CronJob

This doc talks about how to use Kubernetes CronJob to make periodic etcd backups.


  • Kubernetes cluster and kubectl ready
  • etcd-operator, etcd-backup-operator deployed
  • example-etcd-cluster EtcdCluster CR is created and the cluster is running

All commands assume the current working directory to be the root directory of etcd-operator repo. We are also following the example configurations in backup-operator walkthrough.

Backup ConfigMap

First we create a ConfigMap containing the Backup CR template for the CronJob container to mount and reuse it.

kubectl create -f ./doc/user/backup_cronjob/configmap.yaml

Backup CronJob

Then we create a CronJob which every 30 minutes would make a backup with name suffixed with the current timestamp.

kubectl create -f ./doc/user/backup_cronjob/cronjob.yaml

This example has the following limitations:

  • Backups and EtcdBackup CRs will keep being created. Clean up/GC old resources properly.
  • The CronJob pods use "default" namespace service account. In production case, replace it with a dedicated service account and restrict the permissions via RBAC.