OEM configuration

NOTE: coreos-cloudinit is no longer under active development and has been superseded by [Ignition][ignition]. For more information about the recommended tools for provisioning Container Linux, refer to the provisioning documentation.

The coreos.oem.* parameters follow the os-release spec, but have been repurposed as a way for coreos-cloudinit to know about the OEM partition on this machine. Customizing this section is only needed when generating a new OEM of CoreOS from the SDK. The fields include:

  • id: Lowercase string identifying the OEM
  • name: Human-friendly string representing the OEM
  • version-id: Lowercase string identifying the version of the OEM
  • home-url: Link to the homepage of the provider or OEM
  • bug-report-url: Link to a place to file bug reports about this OEM

coreos-cloudinit renders these fields to /etc/oem-release. If no id field is provided, coreos-cloudinit will ignore this section.

For example, the following cloud-config document…

    id: "rackspace"
    name: "Rackspace Cloud Servers"
    version-id: "168.0.0"
    home-url: "https://www.rackspace.com/cloud/servers/"
    bug-report-url: "https://github.com/coreos/coreos-overlay"

…would be rendered to the following /etc/oem-release:

NAME="Rackspace Cloud Servers"