Debian Interfaces

NOTE: coreos-cloudinit is no longer under active development and has been superseded by Ignition. For more information about the recommended tools for provisioning Container Linux, refer to the provisioning documentation.

WARNING: This option is EXPERIMENTAL and may change or be removed at any point.

There is basic support for converting from a Debian network configuration to networkd unit files. The -convert-netconf=debian option is used to activate this feature.


Default: ""

Read the network config provided in cloud-drive and translate it from the specified format into networkd unit files (requires the -from-configdrive flag). Currently only supports "debian" which provides support for a small subset of the Debian network configuration. These options include:

  • interface config methods
    • static
      • address/netmask
      • gateway
      • hwaddress
      • dns-nameservers
    • dhcp
      • hwaddress
    • manual
    • loopback
  • vlan_raw_device
  • bond-slaves