Mantle: gluing CoreOS Container Linux together

Mantle is a collection of utilities for the Container Linux SDK.

plume index

Generate and upload index.html objects to turn a Google Cloud Storage bucket into a publicly browsable file tree. Useful if you want something like Apache's directory index for your software download repository.

plume gce cluster launching

Related commands to launch instances on Google Compute Engine(gce) with the latest SDK image. SSH keys should be added to the gce project metadata before launching a cluster. All commands have flags that can overwrite the default project, bucket, and other settings. plume help <command> can be used to discover all the switches.

plume upload

Upload latest SDK image to Google Storage and then create a gce image. Assumes an image packaged with the flag --format=gce is present. Common usage for Container Linux devs using the default bucket and project is:

plume upload

plume list-images

Print out gce images from a project. Common usage:

plume list-images

plume create-instances

Launch instances on gce. SSH keys should be added to the metadata section of the gce developers console. Common usage:

plume create-instances -n=3 -image=<gce image name> -config=<cloud config file>

plume list-instances

List running gce instances. Common usage:

plume list-instances

plume destroy-instances

Destroy instances on gce based by prefix or name. Images created with create-instances use a common basename as a prefix that can also be used to tear down the cluster. Common usage:

plume destroy-instances -prefix=$USER


Test framework for Container Linux integration testing. Launch groups of related tests using the latest SDK image on specified platforms (qemu, gce …)