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VMWare Guestinfo Interface

NOTE: coreos-cloudinit is no longer under active development and has been superseded by Ignition. For more information about the recommended tools for provisioning Container Linux, refer to the provisioning documentation.

Cloud-Config VMWare Guestinfo Variables

coreos-cloudinit accepts configuration from the VMware RPC API's guestinfo facility. This datasource can be enabled with the --from-vmware-guestinfo flag to coreos-cloudinit.

The following guestinfo variables are recognized and processed by cloudinit when passed from the hypervisor to the virtual machine at boot time. Note that property names are prefixed with guestinfo. in the VMX, e.g., guestinfo.hostname.

guestinfo variable type
hostname hostname
interface.<n>.name string
interface.<n>.mac MAC address
interface.<n>.dhcp {"yes", "no"}
interface.<n>.role {"public", "private"}
interface.<n>.ip.<m>.address CIDR IP address
interface.<n>.route.<l>.gateway IP address
interface.<n>.route.<l>.destination CIDR IP address
dns.server.<x> IP address
dns.domain.<y> DNS search domain string {"", "base64", "gzip+base64"}
coreos.config.url URL

Note: "n", "m", "l", "x" and "y" are 0-indexed, incrementing integers. The identifier for an interface does not correspond to anything outside of this configuration; it serves only to distinguish between multiple interfaces.

The guide to booting on VMWare is the starting point for more information about configuring and running CoreOS on VMWare.