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CoreOS Welcomes Redspread, Furthering its Commitment to Bring Kubernetes to the Enterprise

Extends CoreOS’s Tectonic, the enterprise Kubernetes platform, with additional collaborative deployment and cluster management tools

San FranciscoOctober 17, 2016 — CoreOS, the enterprise Kubernetes company, today announced that Redspread, a company that enables organizations to manage containerized environments, has joined the company. With this addition, CoreOS deepens its commitment to extend Kubernetes and foster the adoption of hyperscale infrastructure for everyone. CoreOS will incorporate Redspread’s collaborative deployment tool for managing Kubernetes in the Tectonic toolchain.

The Redspread team’s open source work in the Kubernetes and Docker communities will add to the breadth of container expertise at CoreOS. Co-founders Mackenzie Burnett (Redspread CEO) and Dan Gillespie (Redspread CTO) will join the CoreOS team at the San Francisco headquarters.

“Redspread has a talented team dedicated to making Kubernetes approachable for new developers and seasoned operators alike,” said John Mark Walker, open source product expert and advisor to Redspread. “By joining with CoreOS, the combined teams will accelerate Kubernetes usability, meeting the operational needs of enterprises looking to use Kubernetes in production.”

Tectonic to integrate Redspread

Tectonic by CoreOS enables enterprises to confidently deploy, manage and secure containers with Kubernetes clusters in any cloud or on-premise environment. By adding Redspread to the platform, Tectonic will be able to provide rollback guarantee parity across multiple environments.

Tectonic simplifies and automates application deployment, so developers can develop code for a container-native stack and operators get higher machine utilization and environment consistency across teams. Redspread created a collaborative deployment tool for managing Kubernetes environments from development to production. Adding Redspread’s collaboration tool to Tectonic will help teams work together more effectively, streamlining the development of container-based applications.

With the combined goal of enabling reproducible Kubernetes deployments and effective deployment workflows, Redspread joins CoreOS on the path to make Kubernetes and container orchestration with Tectonic approachable for everyone.

“We are thrilled that Redspread is joining CoreOS,” said Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS. “With the addition of their outstanding team, we will extend our lead as an integral part of upstream and enterprise Kubernetes development. Even more, we will continue to make Kubernetes easy to consume for enterprises with Tectonic.”

“The excitement behind this movement extends beyond containers – it’s fueled by what Kubernetes enables people to do. It is a fundamental shift in the way teams architect distributed applications and develop software,” said Burnett. “CoreOS has been an early stand-out Kubernetes leader. We joined CoreOS to continue working on what we’ve already accomplished at Redspread, with more resources and more context. We couldn’t be more excited to join the CoreOS team and to help drive this movement forward.”

Join a webinar on November 21 to learn more about Redspread and how its work will be integrated in Tectonic.

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About CoreOS, Inc. CoreOS is a leader in the Kubernetes community and creator of Tectonic, a secure and complete platform that extends Kubernetes with key enterprise features that ease container orchestration. CoreOS creates and delivers critical components, such as the Quay private image registry, that are helping fuel broad adoption of a secure, scalable and resilient infrastructure inspired by hyperscale providers. They maintain several open source projects, including CoreOS Linux: the first micro-OS; etcd, the distributed data store for Kubernetes; and rkt, the security-focused container runtime engine. The CoreOS team is comprised of experts in container management and distributed systems from cloud-scale pioneers like Google, Twitter and Rackspace. Learn more at or @CoreOS.

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