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CoreOS Brings Ultimate Freedom and Choice via Open Source Cloud Technologies
CoreOS Enhances Tectonic to Provide Application Portability and Automated Operationalized Management to the Enterprise

CoreOS Fest, SAN FRANCISCO – May 31, 2017 – From CoreOS Fest, CoreOS today announced new features and services for its Tectonic platform, laying out its vision for the future of cloud infrastructure delivered with choice and freedom via open source technologies. The enhancements will allow greater portability of applications across hybrid cloud solutions, while combating vendor lock-in – an issue as old as the technology industry.

Since the first enterprise technology systems became available, they have promised greater freedom, efficiency and productivity. Yet each generation has demanded considerable capital expenditure for proprietary software that have made the option of changing vendors unachievable. Despite the unquestionable promise of cloud computing, the landscape is beginning to look familiarly restrictive. CoreOS Tectonic is focused on breaking this cycle.

With the upcoming release of Tectonic 1.6.4, CoreOS will be providing services to bring portability of applications across hybrid cloud environments. CoreOS is ushering in the era of ultimate freedom and choice via CoreOS Tectonic by providing upstream Kubernetes with built-in open source cloud services. CoreOS is providing an enterprise ready Kubernetes solution with automated operations that enable a cloud “as a service” operational model regardless of the underlying infrastructure, whether bare-metal, private IaaS, or public IaaS. This enables enterprises to get all the flexibility of the cloud for the lifecycle of their applications, without any of the lock-in to cloud vendor proprietary services.

“CoreOS is dedicated to bringing the best open source cloud management software to its customers,” said Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS. “Different public cloud decisions, numerous shadow IT projects, mission critical on-premise applications and private clouds have created a hairball of infrastructure complexity. By providing the best of open source container technologies, CoreOS Tectonic helps enterprises efficiently deploy and port applications.”

Concur and Ticketmaster are among the companies embracing CoreOS Tectonic and Kubernetes. These companies trust CoreOS to help them operationalize their infrastructure and help empower developer teams to get applications to market quickly. In an era of digital transformation, more and more enterprises are relying on CoreOS Tectonic across hybrid cloud environments.

“CoreOS is continuing to lead efforts forward by providing cutting edge technology to enterprises such as ours,” said Justin Dean, SVP, Platform and Technical Operations (TechOps) at Ticketmaster. “We are such big fans of what CoreOS is doing with Tectonic and they are a valued partner as we continue to deploy Tectonic in production across all of our infrastructure environments.”

Tectonic 1.6.4 To Provide Freedom and Choice to Enterprises

CoreOS Tectonic delivers a life line by making containerized application deployment and management quicker and easier, increasing resource efficiency and delivering better scalability and reliability. Most importantly it allows portability across cloud environments, giving greater flexibility.

CoreOS Tectonic 1.6.4 will further the CoreOS mission by providing freedom and choice to enterprises through:

  • etcd as a service: CoreOS is announcing the first ever open source cloud service, etcd as a service, powered by the etcd Operator. Now in beta availability, the etcd Operator has the ability to provision etcd – one of the most popular open source key value data stores, created by CoreOS – for use by applications deployed on Tectonic. The etcd Operator replaces manual etcd upkeep with a program that handles etcd scaling, failure, and version updates to maintain its desired state automatically.
  • Upstream OSS: Tectonic runs the most current version of Kubernetes that allows enterprises to benefit from the latest community innovations. CoreOS Tectonic is the only enterprise ready Kubernetes platform that runs the latest version of upstream Kubernetes.
  • Container Linux Operator: Today CoreOS is also announcing the Container Linux Operator which is now default in Tectonic. The Container Linux Operator automates operating system updates and is Kubernetes native.
  • Automated Operations: With the Container Linux and etcd Operators, Tectonic provides automated operations that expands to the Kubernetes node’s Container Linux operating system, as well as etcd services. Tectonic administrators can significantly increase effectiveness and security of their operations through the automation of updates to their Kubernetes cluster control plane, worker node operating systems, and etcd service instances.

“By backing open source software and its effective use, CoreOS is helping enterprises better manage the hybrid cloud infrastructure reality of today,” said Jay Lyman, Principal Analyst, 451 Research. “Organizations are seeking a single, flexible framework to manage applications across different cloud environments, public and private, so they can match the right applications and workloads to the right cloud infrastructure to better serve developers, speed applications to market and drive efficiency.”

CoreOS Tectonic is priced per node and is free to use for up to 10 nodes. Sign up at

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About CoreOS Tectonic

CoreOS Tectonic is an enterprise ready Kubernetes platform. It provides automated operations regardless of your underlying infrastructure, whether bare-metal, private, or public IaaS. Tectonic application services are always current with the latest upstream open source software eliminating vendor lock-in. Tectonic installers enable you to create a secure, production-ready Kubernetes environment in minutes. Tectonic plugs into your existing identity management systems, provides organizational access management through RBAC, and central management across multiple environments.

About CoreOS, Inc.

CoreOS is a leading member of the open source community and creator of CoreOS Tectonic, an enterprise ready Kubernetes platform. Tectonic provides the operations capabilities and enterprise features that are fueling broad adoption of scalable and resilient containerized applications. CoreOS created and maintains several open source projects including Container Linux, a secure Linux distribution that automates updates and is streamlined for running containers, and etcd, the distributed data store for Kubernetes. The CoreOS team is comprised of experts in container management and distributed systems from cloud-scale pioneers like Google, Twitter and Rackspace. Learn more at or @CoreOS.

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