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One Month After Announcing Intentions to Bring OpenStack on Kubernetes, CoreOS Introduces "Stackanetes"
Innovator in container-enabled infrastructure leads effort to simplify OpenStack deployments with Kubernetes container management to deliver GIFEE for enterprises

OpenStack Summit AustinApril 26, 2016 — A month after announcing intentions to bring OpenStack as an application on Kubernetes, CoreOS today introduces “Stackanetes”, an initiative to deploy and manage OpenStack as an application on Kubernetes. “Stackanetes” containerizes OpenStack and includes upstream Kubernetes and upstream OpenStack to deliver dynamic management, self-healing deployments and painless upgrades. CoreOS, an innovator in the security, deployment and management of container-enabled infrastructure, will work with the OpenStack community to integrate “Stackanetes” into upstream OpenStack. Today a prototype is available for Kubernetes managed OpenStack on Tectonic, the universal enterprise solution for Kubernetes.

“We've seen the power of Kubernetes firsthand in the OpenStack community,” said Mark Collier, Chief Operating Officer at OpenStack Foundation. “Our recent OpenStack User Survey showed that Kubernetes is a popular method of managing apps on OpenStack clouds. We are excited that CoreOS is helping to bring together the Kubernetes and OpenStack communities and contributing their extensive container expertise.”

Today at the OpenStack Summit Austin keynote, Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS, is demonstrating the power of “Stackanetes” with Tectonic, following on a collaboration with Intel. With “Stackanetes” on Tectonic, enterprises get the benefits of consistent deployments of OpenStack together with the robust application lifecycle management of Kubernetes. Tectonic helps enterprises to achieve GIFEE (Google's Infrastructure for Everyone Else), a hyperscale, application-focused style of managing infrastructure that focuses on distributed systems, security and availability.

“Cloud native computing patterns, as embodied by Kubernetes, offer remarkable benefits for application management,” said Craig McLuckie, Cloud Native Computing Foundation Chair, and Google Group Product Manager. “Cloud native apps are more efficient, more scalable and easier to operate. By bringing a first class cloud native management framework to OpenStack, ‘Stackanetes’ brings this power to the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud and to all classes of applications.”

Tectonic, CoreOS's completely supported technology stack for deploying containers in production, is built on CoreOS Linux and the Kubernetes cluster management platform and packages an array of tools for deploying, monitoring, and managing applications and infrastructure. With “Stackanetes” on Tectonic, enterprises benefit from:

  • Simplified lifecycle management of OpenStack services from deployments to upgrades
  • Single platform for consistently managing both IaaS and container workloads
  • Ability to easily scale, operate and ensure resilience of OpenStack IaaS within their data center environments

“‘Stackanetes’ is our first big stride in bringing GIFEE to the OpenStack community,” said Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS. “With this next step of development for OpenStack on Kubernetes via Tectonic, enterprises can begin to evaluate and bring their OpenStack environments along their journey to GIFEE.”

CoreOS is showcasing Tectonic at OpenStack Summit Austin, April 25-29, 2016. Contact to set up a meeting.

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About Tectonic Tectonic, delivered by CoreOS, is the universal Kubernetes solution for deploying, managing and securing containers anywhere. Tectonic combines Kubernetes and the CoreOS stack in a commercial distribution, prepackaged with an enterprise-ready management dashboard, an integrated container registry and a supported, continuously up-to-date distributed platform.

Tectonic is available in any environment, cloud or on-premises. Learn more at or follow Tectonic on Twitter @tectonicstack.

About CoreOS, Inc. CoreOS, Inc. runs the world's containers securely on CoreOS, Tectonic and Quay. CoreOS is the creator of Tectonic, the universal Kubernetes solution that combines Google's Kubernetes and the CoreOS stack to deploy, manage and secure containers anywhere. CoreOS' Quay technology allows companies to securely store Linux containers in private hosted repositories or behind customer's firewalls. In addition, CoreOS is the creator and maintainer of open source projects CoreOS Linux, etcd, fleet, flannel and rkt. The strategies and architectures that influence CoreOS allow companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter to run their services at scale with high resilience. Learn more at or follow CoreOS on Twitter @coreoslinux.

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