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CoreOS Helps Companies Succeed with Kubernetes, Launches Tectonic Preview, with Kubernetes 1.0, 24x7 Enterprise-Ready Support, Kubernetes Guides, Kubernetes Training and Inaugural Tectonic Summit
Tectonic Preview Now Available, Partner Support Includes Amazon Web Services, Dell, Engine Yard, Google, Intel, Mirantis and Redapt

PORTLAND, Ore., July 21, 2015OSCON – Today, in coordination with the announcement of Kubernetes 1.0, CoreOS, Inc. is launching Tectonic Preview, giving users easy access to Kubernetes 1.0, 24x7 enterprise-ready support, Kubernetes guides and Kubernetes training to help enterprises begin experiencing the power of Kubernetes, CoreOS and Docker. Together with the Tectonic Preview and 24x7 support from CoreOS, companies will quickly see the benefits of application deployment with Kubernetes and containers. Tectonic is the solution of choice for those wanting to get started using Kubernetes quickly and have distributed systems experts at hand to help along the way.

"For companies that want to get started using Kubernetes and run their applications in the same way Google runs today, CoreOS has the product and support offerings to make you successful," said Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS. "By signing up for the Tectonic preview, using our Kubernetes open source guides or registering for our Kubernetes training courses, CoreOS is helping companies take advantage of the power of containers and transform their application development and deployment processes."

Tectonic Preview

Tectonic Preview is the best way to start using Kubernetes 1.0 today. Previously in private beta, Tectonic Preview is now available as an early version for development and operations teams to manage containers on a shared infrastructure layer. Today, Tectonic Preview is available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or in your data center, with enterprise-ready support to help you begin using Kubernetes successfully during the preview period.

Tectonic Preview allows companies to:

  • Capitalize on the benefits of containers - Tectonic Preview provides an opinionated stack for containers, which includes Kubernetes, CoreOS and Docker. Coupled with, a powerful and secure container registry, these technologies will transform the way you deliver applications.
  • Have experts in containers by your side - Work hand-in-hand with the CoreOS team, experts in Kubernetes and technologies that support containers. CoreOS will have your back when it comes to infrastructure.
  • Focus on core competencies - Allow your development team to focus on the code, and your operations team to focus on the infrastructure environment. Development teams can easily deploy code from dev, to test, to production, all on the same stack.

Sign up at to get started in the Preview today. Pricing starts at $1,500/month during the Tectonic Preview period and includes professional support, a Tectonic Console and a complete Kubernetes install.

"Tectonic brings all the pieces together, including CoreOS, Kubernetes and Docker, in a solid and convenient way that helps us at Jive focus on the innovative features core to our business," said Timur Kiykioglu, senior director of engineering at Jive Software.

24x7 Enterprise-Ready Support

Tectonic customers will receive 24x7, 4-hour first response SLA on the entire Tectonic Stack. Tectonic includes the latest versions of Kubernetes, Docker, CoreOS, flannel and all other components to give you a complete distributed container stack. The 24x7 enterprise-ready support will provide customers with expertise from the CoreOS team, who are experts in distributed systems.

Kubernetes Guides

Available today, the Kubernetes guides are available for those interested in setting up Kubernetes on CoreOS. These guides provide you with easy to follow step-by-step instructions for those looking to piece together Kubernetes on CoreOS.

"Containers are evolving extremely quickly to become more than just a standalone developer tool," said Gary Chen, research manager, Cloud and Virtualization System Software at IDC. "Customers are increasingly looking to deploy complete container solutions that address developers and operations. With Tectonic, CoreOS is on the right track by pulling together a suite of key open source components, including the milestone Kubernetes 1.0 release, into a complete and supported stack for the enterprise."

Kubernetes Training, Brought To You By Google and Intel

For those looking to learn the methods to achieve Google-like infrastructure, CoreOS is partnering with Google and Intel to travel to select cities this fall to provide training on Kubernetes, CoreOS and Tectonic. Leave the workshop with experience using these container technologies and a better understanding of the container ecosystem as a whole. The workshops are available for a limited amount of time for just the cost of materials. Register here to claim your spot in the workshop of your choice.

Inaugural Tectonic Summit

Together with Intel, CoreOS is announcing the first Tectonic Summit, happening in New York City on December 2 and December 3. Tectonic Summit is an exclusive two-day event featuring cutting edge companies and their stories about how they are transforming the way they compute. Engage with speakers about the technologies that have given way to increased productivity, security and agility, and discuss the steps to take together in the future to ensure that the most efficient technologies are in place to help achieve the next level of innovation. Tectonic Summit is an invitation-only event. Request your invitation here.

"Intel is deeply committed to delivering the agility and efficiency of hyperscale cloud to mainstream data centers. Tectonic provides an easy to consume stack that offers the benefits of hyperscale technologies previously only seen in large cloud providers," said Jonathan Donaldson, vice president of Software Defined Infrastructure at Intel. "We are working closely with CoreOS and Redapt to provide Tectonic as an option on Supermicro Systems, and now look forward to working together to educate the industry on container technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker and CoreOS."

Support from Partners

Today, CoreOS is also joined in support for Tectonic by partners AWS, Dell, Engine Yard, Google, Intel, Mirantis and Redapt.


"Container technology is going to change the way companies develop and deploy applications," said Dr. Donald F. Ferguson, senior fellow, vice president and chief technology officer, Dell Software Group. "We look forward to working with CoreOS to deliver Tectonic solutions that rapidly allow enterprises of all sizes to take advantage of this technology."


"Combining CoreOS Linux and Kubernetes with OpenStack accelerates developer productivity," said Kamesh Pemmaraju, director of partner marketing, Mirantis. "Containers enable application portability and interoperability; OpenStack keeps the underlying infrastructure agile. We look forward to working with CoreOS to help OpenStack users leverage the best in container technology."


"For those looking to take advantage of complete container platforms like Tectonic, we are delivering Tectonic on Supermicro systems," said Jeff Dickey, chief innovation officer at Redapt. "With the help of Redapt and CoreOS, you will be set up with the best container technologies in no time. We help get Tectonic set up in your data center so your developers can focus on building your applications instead of managing infrastructure."

Supporting Resources

About Tectonic

Tectonic, delivered by CoreOS, is an enterprise-ready platform for running Linux containers in a distributed environment. Tectonic combines Kubernetes and the CoreOS stack in a commercial distribution, prepackaged with an enterprise-ready management dashboard, an integrated container registry and a supported, continuously up-to-date distributed platform.

Tectonic is available in any environment, cloud or on-premise. Learn more at or follow Tectonic on Twitter @tectonicstack.

About CoreOS, Inc.

CoreOS, Inc. provides the components needed to build distributed systems to support application containers. CoreOS is the creator of Tectonic, an enterprise-ready platform that combines Google's Kubernetes and the CoreOS stack for running Linux containers. In addition, CoreOS is the creator and maintainer of open source projects CoreOS Linux, etcd, fleet, flannel and rkt. The strategies and architectures that influence CoreOS allow companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter to run their services at scale with high resilience. Learn more at or follow CoreOS on Twitter @coreoslinux.

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