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CoreOS Delivers Self-Driving Kubernetes with Next Generation of CoreOS Tectonic

Enterprise container management platform enables automatic updates of Kubernetes and containers at the cluster level

NEW YORK - December 12 - Today at Tectonic Summit, CoreOS, a leader in the open Kubernetes and container communities, introduced the next generation of CoreOS Tectonic that delivers self-driving Kubernetes to the enterprise. With this release, CoreOS is bringing the same innovation for automatic updates the company pioneered with Container Linux, the secure automatic updating OS formerly called CoreOS Linux, to distributed management of applications in Kubernetes. With self-driving infrastructure, organizations can ensure their containerized application clusters are secure and up to date with the critical security patches and the most recent features available from the open source community.

As organizations transition to containers, they gain the benefits of scale, efficiency and speed. Yet scale adds operational complexity, and updating this modern application infrastructure incurs technical debt. Businesses need to keep up with the advanced rate of innovation in the open source community and automatically updating software delivers the most current features and the most secure version of the software. Self-driving infrastructure solves these issues by making it possible to roll updates forward and back with the push of a button. CoreOS has solved this challenge at the operating system level with Container Linux, and with the latest version of Tectonic, CoreOS is applying this method to the Kubernetes application management layer.

"Maintaining updated software in a distributed system has historically been complex and difficult to manage. Businesses are seeking infrastructure solutions that enable everything as a service with simplicity across environments in the cloud and data center,” said Gary Chen, Research Manager, Software Defined Compute, IDC. “With the availability of self-driving infrastructure in CoreOS Tectonic, organizations will be able to take the next step in secure, modernized infrastructure, enabling updates without intervention in their containerized and Kubernetes environments."

Self-driving Kubernetes with Tectonic

Along with the most current release of Kubernetes, Tectonic also includes:

  • Installers to help get up and running quickly,
  • A console to visually investigate your cluster and control self-driving features, and
  • Security features that integrate with your existing security frameworks.

Additionally, CoreOS Tectonic is now immediately available at no cost for use on up to 10 nodes. Tectonic is priced per node for enterprises using more than 10 nodes and includes 24/7 support.

CoreOS: Experts in open source and Kubernetes

CoreOS created and maintains the lightweight self-updating operating system, Container Linux, bringing security and portability to containers. The company maintains and contributes to etcd, the cornerstone of distributed systems, and is a top five contributor to Kubernetes, the open source, enterprise grade container orchestration and management tool that started at Google and now is housed under the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). All projects have grown significantly with thriving communities to support them.

"Open source is at the heart of everything CoreOS does. We build the hardest parts of infrastructure with the community to make cloud native infrastructure like Kubernetes work well for all,” said Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS. “CoreOS Tectonic is the upstream Kubernetes platform that has taken containerized infrastructure and made it easy for enterprises to consume. Businesses avoid any lock in by having the latest pure open source versions."

Polvi presented Tectonic at Tectonic Summit 2016, the enterprise Kubernetes event, in New York City on December 12. Visit the CoreOS website to get and use Tectonic now.

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About CoreOS Tectonic
CoreOS Tectonic is the enterprise Kubernetes solution for deploying, managing and securing containers anywhere. Tectonic provides the most current upstream version of Kubernetes and combines it with the CoreOS stack in a commercial distribution, prepackaged with an enterprise-ready management console and a supported, continuously up-to-date distributed platform. Tectonic installers get you up and running quickly and security features allow you to integrate with your existing security frameworks.

Tectonic is available in any environment, cloud or on-premise. Learn more at

About CoreOS

CoreOS is a leader in the open source community and creator of CoreOS Tectonic, a secure and complete platform that extends Kubernetes with key enterprise features that ease container orchestration. CoreOS also creates and delivers critical components for containerized applications, such as the Quay private image registry, that are helping fuel broad adoption of a secure, scalable and resilient infrastructure inspired by hyperscale providers. They maintain several open source projects, including Container Linux by CoreOS: the secure automatic updating OS; etcd, the distributed data store for Kubernetes; and rkt, the security-focused container runtime engine. The CoreOS team is comprised of experts in container management and distributed systems from cloud-scale pioneers like Google, Twitter and Rackspace. Learn more at or @CoreOS.


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