CoreOS Products & Services

Support & Services
Strategic advice and hands-on help to shorten the container adoption cycle

Premium Managed Linux connects you to CoreOS engineers for support, architecture advice, and more. Includes 24/7 support via phone and ticket.

Increase the security of your cluster with CoreUpdate, a private update server that gives you enhanced control over CoreOS Container Linux software updates. CoreUpdate runs on-premises and can be configured to update your air-gapped Container Linux machines.

CoreOS provides support for Kubernetes as part of Tectonic, a production-ready container platform.

Tectonic is for your most critical production systems. Support is included to help your team get started with containers, Kubernetes, CoreOS best practices and more.

The world of container-focused infrastructure is new and rapidly evolving. Training from CoreOS can get your employees up to speed on containers, powerful tools like Kubernetes, CoreOS open source projects like Container Linux and etcd, and products like Tectonic by CoreOS.

Training is delivered by CoreOS and experts, with direct tie-in to CoreOS engineers, and can take place at your office or in a classroom setting.

CoreOS can also deliver custom training and professional services engagements. Contact our Sales Team to talk.

Container Products
Powerful tools to make businesses successful building, running and supporting containers

An enterprise-focused container stack. Perfect for learning Kubernetes and distributed systems, lab environments, and production environments for your critical workloads.

24/7 support for your Kubernetes cluster is available, plus container workflow tools to make your developers more efficient.

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Hosted and On-Premises software to build, store and distribute your containers.

Teamwork-optimized features allow multiple teams to securely manage containers from code commit to production.

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