Container Linux Support Subscription

Enterprise solutions for on-premises CoreOS Container Linux

Containerize Your Apps

Web apps, microservices, and more.

Run Apps on a Foundation Managed by CoreOS

CoreOS Container Linux keeps you secure and makes your team more efficient

Architecture Guidance, Best Practices & More

Container Linux + containers is a killer combination, but it’s new territory for most teams – our engineers will provide the guidance to take advantage of all Container Linux features and ensure your apps are running well.

  • Phone and ticket support for immediate issues
  • Container Linux cluster deployment and strategies
  • Guidance for containerization of your services
  • Advice for fault-tolerant distributed systems

Optional Professional Services

Higher touch, on-site consultation is available for Managed Linux customers. CoreOS engineers can help your team deploy distributed systems on Container Linux, provide guidance on containerizing your applications and more.

Training for Container Linux is also available.

  • Guidance on containerization
  • Distributed systems best practices
  • Training classes and certifications

Container Linux redefines the operating system into a smaller, more minimal Linux distribution. Traditional distros package unused software that leads to dependency conflicts and needlessly increases the attack surface.

Container Linux contains a small base and allows you to have full control over all dependencies through the use of containers. Think of them as your package manager.

Developers Containers

Isolate dependencies for each application separately. For example, don’t worry about conflicting with other versions of Python. Include the version you require in the container and upgrade on your schedule.

Operations Containers

Container Linux hosts have support for containers straight out of the box. Containers give you sane, repeatable deployments without Chef or Puppet.

Container Linux is uniquely architected to provide painless updates of the operating system. Updates are pushed onto your machines instead of being applied by an admin or script.

This keeps your company more secure and frees up your operations team for more important tasks. Container Linux lets you focus more on development and less on administration.

CoreUpdate Web Interface

CoreUpdate, with a web-based interface, is how you control when your machines update, and how quickly an update is rolled out across the cluster.

  • Create groups of servers
  • Roll out specific versions of Container Linux to a channel
  • Configure how quickly updates are applied
  • Pause updates during important events

Phone and Email Support

Get help from CoreOS with an increased SLA.

On-Premises Installation

A private installation of CoreUpdate for updating offline.

Enterprise Kubernetes

Run a fully-supported Kubernetes cluster on CoreOS Container Linux with Tectonic.

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Self-Supported Container Linux

Container Linux can be used on cloud-providers, Openstack, bare metal and more.

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