CoreOS Enterprise Registry

A secure Docker registry, behind your firewall

Containers hold your company's intellectual property. Storage for your containers should be in a secure location and within your control.

Web-based Management

Much like GitHub Enterprise, CoreOS Enterprise Registry is a complete application to manage container builds, teams and permissions.

Permission Controls

Configure fine-grained permissions or revoke credentials at any time for an unlimited number of teams and users.

Full Audit Trail

Built in logging and insight tools allow you to audit repository commits, access changes and more.

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Sophisticated Access Controls

Team-Based Hierarchy

Configure ownership and access to containers based on your existing team structure.

Robot Accounts

Special account types exist for driving automation tools and other circumstances where you don't need UI access.

Per-User Permissions

Members of a team can be allowed to modify repos or only have docker pull ability.

Access Control Settings for a Repository.

Automated Container Builds

Connect the Enterprise Registry to your code repositories for automatic building and tagging containers when code is pushed. These containers are automatically available for use by authorized teams.

Docker Pull core-host3 core-host3 core-host1

Easy Automation

Automatically build and test your Docker containers with each commit.

Separate Ownership

Continuously update your base container separately from each of your applications and services.

Containerize Your Workflow

Use containers within your existing workflow, just like building Debs or RPMs.

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