Enterprise Registry Swift Direct Download

Direct Download

The Swift storage engine supports using a feature called temporary URLs to allow for faster pulling of images.

To enable direct download with Swift, please follow these instructions.

Create a Swift temporary URL token

To enable temporary URLs, first set the X-Account-Meta-Temp-URL-Key header on your Object Storage account to an arbitrary string. This string serves as a secret key. For example, to set a key of somecoolkey using the swift command-line tool:

$ swift post -m "Temp-URL-Key:somecoolkey"

Visit the Management Panel

Sign in to a super user account and visit http://registry.example.com/superuser to view the management panel:

Enterprise Registry Management Panel

Go to the settings tab

  • Click the configuration tab () and scroll down to the section entitled Registry Storage.
  • Ensure that "OpenStack Storage (Swift)" is selected

Enter the temporary URL key

Enter the key generated above into the Temp URL Key field under the Swift storage engine settings.

Save configuration

Hit Save Configuration to save and validate your configuration. The Swift storage engine system will automatically test that the direct download feature is enabled and working.