Setup GitHub build triggers

CoreOS Enterprise Registry supports using GitHub or GitHub Enterprise as a trigger to building images.

Initial setup

If you have not yet done so, please enable build support in the Enterprise Registry.

Create an OAuth application in GitHub

Following the instructions at Create a GitHub Application.

NOTE: This application must be different from that used for GitHub Authentication.

Visit the management panel

Sign in to a super user account and visit http://yourregister/superuser to view the management panel:

Enterprise Registry Management Panel

Enable GitHub triggers

Enable GitHub Trigger

  • Click the configuration tab () and scroll down to the section entitled GitHub (Enterprise) Build Triggers.
  • Check the "Enable GitHub Triggers" box
  • Fill in the credentials from the application created above
  • Click "Save Configuration Changes"
  • Restart the container (you will be prompted)

Tag an automated build

After getting automated builds working, it may be desired to tag a specific build with a name. By default, the last image pushed to a repository will be tagged as latest. Because tagging is usually done client side before an image is pushed, it may not be clear how to tag an image that was built and pushed by GitHub. Luckily, there is a interface for doing so on the repository page. After clicking to select a given build on the build graph, the right side of the page displays tag information which when clicked provides a drop-down menu with the option of creating a new tag.

Create a new tag

There is currently no ability to automatically tag GitHub triggered builds.