Creating an OAuth Application in BitBucket

This document describes how to authenticate Quay Enterprise registry users with their BitBucket identities.

Add OAuth Consumer

  • Log into BitBucket
  • Visit the Settings page for your organization
  • Click the "OAuth" tab under "Access Management"
  • Click the Add Consumer button:

Configure registry Callback URL

Next, configure BitBucket to redirect you back to your Quay Enterprise registry upon a successful login:

  • Enter your registry's URL as the URL
  • Enter https://{REGISTRY URL HERE}/oauth2/bitbucket/callback as the Callback URL.
  • Grant permissions on the repositories and webhooks:

  • Save the application
  • Record the Key and Secret shown in the new entry in the list of OAuth consumers after saving the application:

Return to Quay Enterprise setup

Return to the Quay Enterprise setup tool to enter the Key and Secret recorded above, and complete the setup procedure.