BitTorrent-based distribution

Quay Enterprise supports BitTorrent-based distribution of its images to clients via the quayctl tool. BitTorrent-based distribution allows for machines to share image data amongst themselves, resulting in faster downloads and shorter production launch times.

Visit the management panel

Sign in to a super user account and visit http://yourregister/superuser to view the management panel:

Quay Enterprise Management Panel

Enable BitTorrent distribution

Enable BitTorrent distribution

  • Click the configuration tab () and scroll down to the section entitled BitTorrent-based download.
  • Check the "Enable BitTorrent downloads" box

Enter an announce URL

In the "Announce URL" field, enter the HTTP endpoint of a JWT-capable BitTorrent tracker's announce URL such as Chihaya. This will typically be a URL ending in /announce.

Save configuration

  • Click "Save Configuration Changes"
  • Restart the container (you will be prompted)