Upgrade to Quay Enterprise 2.0.0

All Quay Enterprise instances being upgraded from versions < 2.0.0 must upgrade to Quay Enterprise 2.0.0 first before continuing to upgrade. This upgrade has an extra step, documented here.

We highly recommend performing this upgrade during a scheduled maintainence window, as it will require taking the existing cluster down temporarily.

Download Quay Enterprise License

To begin, download your Quay Enterprise License from your Tectonic Account. Please download or copy this license in Raw Format as a file named license:

Quay Enterprise License Raw Format

Shutdown all Quay Enterprise instances

Shutdown all running instances of Quay Enterprise, across all clusters.

Run a single instance of Quay Enterprise 2

Run a single instance of Quay Enterprise 2.0.0 by replacing quay.io/coreos/registry:{currentVersion} with quay.io/coreos/quay:v2.0.0 in your run command, startup script, config or systemd unit.

Add your license to the Quay Enterprise

Quay Enterprise setup as a container or under Kubernetes

  • Visit the management panel:

Sign in to a super user account and visit http://yourregister/superuser to view the management panel:

Quay Enterprise Management Panel

  • Click the configuration tab ()
  • In the section entitled "License", paste in the contents of the license downloaded above
  • Click "Save Configuration Changes"
  • Restart the container (you will be prompted)

Add license via the filesystem

Ensure QE instance has been shutdown and add the raw format license in license file to the directory mapped to conf/stack, next to the existing config.yaml.


conf/stack is mapped to quay2/config in docker run command used to bring up Quay Enterprise:

docker run --restart=always -p 443:443 -p 80:80 --privileged=true -v /quay2/config:/conf/stack -v /quay2/storage:/datastorage -d quay.io/coreos/quay:v2.0.0

license file resides in the quay2/config directory:

$ ls quay2/config/
config.yaml  license

$ cat quay2/license

Update cluster

Update all remaining Quay Enterprise instances to refer to the new image (quay.io/coreos/quay:v2.0.0).

Verify cluster

Verify that your cluster and its license are valid by performing a push or pull. If you receive an HTTP 402, please make sure your license is properly installed and valid by checking in the management panel (see above for instructions).

If you encounter unusual problems, please contact support.