One container registry for your entire enterprise

Highly Available

Run multiple instances of Quay for redundancy


Sync your container images between your datacenters

Continuous Integration

Automatically build and push images when developers commit code

Security Scanning

Automatically scan your container images for known security vulnerabilities

24/7 Support

Enterprise-level support is available around the clock

Quay Enterprise System Quay Enterprise System
Highly available installation with geo-replication
  • Enterprise Authentication

    Integrate to your existing identity infrastructure: LDAP, Keystone, and more

  • Flexible Storage Backends

    Store your containers on Amazon S3, OpenStack Swift, Google Cloud Storage, or directly to disk.

  • Continuous Integration

    Build your containers in response to git pushes: GitHub, BitBucket, Gitlab and others

  • Robot Accounts

    Create credentials designed for deploying software automatically.

  • Teams

    Teams can collectively have access to manage specific repositories on your account.

  • Supports SSL Encryption

    Transit between and your servers is secured automatically.

  • Logging & Auditing

    Auditing is essential for everything in your CI pipeline. Actions via API and UI are tracked.

How can I run Quay Enterprise?

Quay Enterprise is delivered as a set of containers that can run on any infrastructure. It is recommended to run Quay Enterprise in highly-available fashion, on multiple machines.

How is Quay Enterprise different than

Quay Enterprise is closely related to, but runs on your own hardware or in your cloud environment. Running the application yourself is more secure and is more performant when running on the same cluster as your containerized applications.

When running behind your firewall, Quay Enterprise can connect to private Git repositories, LDAP infrastructure, and more.

Additional FAQs

Is there a free trial for Quay Enterprise?

Yes, the first 30 days of usage are free, and then your license will be automatically converted to the standard rate. We'll send you an email before that happens as a reminder.

What types of payment do you accept?

Quay Enterprise is billed annually with a purchase order.

Can I ugrade from (hosted)?

Yes, you can upgrade from to Quay Enterprise easily.