2016 Summit

Tectonic 2016 Summit was a great success! Thanks to all of the speakers and attendees that made Summit the premier Enterprise Kubernetes event.

Keynote CoreOS CEO and co-founder Alex Polvi explains the past and future of CoreOS and outlines “Self-driving Infrastructure”. Play Video (13:53)


Keynote CoreOS CTO and co-founder Brandon Philips gets down to brass tacks and explains the tech behind “Self-driving Infrastructure”. Play Video (27:45)


Keynote Justin Dean, Ticketmaster’s SVP of Platform and Technical Operations discusses Ticketmaster's Public Cloud and Kubernetes Strategy. Play Video (28:14)


Keynote Brandon Chavis, Solutions Architect for Amazon Web Services explains running Tectonic on AWS. Play Video (9:14)


Keynote Jonathan Donaldson, VP, Data Center Group & GM, Software Defined Infrastructure at Intel explains taking Kubernetes to the enterprise. Play Video (29:57)


Keynote David Aronchick, Senior Product Manager at Google discusses the future of Kubernentes 1.5 and beyond. Play Video (24:58)


Keynote Troy Toman, Director of Engineering at Planet explains the process of Managing 6 Petabytes of Earth Imagery with Kubernetes. Play Video (30:08)


Keynote Panel What is cloud native? Why projects like Kubernetes, Prometheus, OpenTracing and Fluentd are important to modern infrastructure. Play Video (49:20)


Panel Luigi Mercone of BNY Mellon and Vipin Chamakkala of Work-Bench discuss the value of Kubernetes in Financial Services. Play Video (31:23)


Al Gillen, Group Vice President of Software Development and Open Source IDC talks through migrating to the Kubernetes era. Play Video (31:03)


Brendan Burns, Partner Architect at Microsoft tells the origin story of Kubernetes. Play Video (27:01)


Sreekanth Pothanis of eBay shares Networking for Kubernetes: a Tale from the Trenches. Play Video (18:09)


Fireside Chat Brian Aznar of Major League Soccer and Loris Degioanni of Sysdig discuss Monitoring Kubernetes in the Enterprise. Play Video (31:31)


Fireside Chat Nishi Davidson of SAP and Mike Vizard of IT Business Edge chat about the total cost of ownership of Kubernetes. Play Video (28:53)


Panel State of Kubernetes Adoption - User and Vendor Predictions for 2017 with Clarifai, Raintank, Namely, CoreOS, Tigera, and Packet. Play Video (31:24)


Panel Jonathan Bryce of OpenStack Foundation, Mike Saparov of CoreOS, and Jonathan Donaldson of Intel discuss the Future of OpenStack + Kubernetes. Play Video (32:32)


Joonas Berigus, Engineering Manager at DigitalOcean explains DigitalOcean’s Kubernetes journey from adoption to production. Play Video (32:26)


Concur’s Principal Architect Dan Wilson talks about preparing for unknowns when using Kubernetes for multi-clusters. Play Video (27:09)