CoreOS Tectonic Support Details

CoreOS Tectonic can run containerized applications based on any popular Linux distribution including, but not limited to, Ubuntu, RHEL, CentOS, Debian, Gentoo, Alpine, SLES, OpenSUSE, and Arch. This is because CoreOS uses the absolute latest software to support your containers. This means that rapidly after a new Kubernetes or Linux API is released, it is supported by Tectonic and available to your infrastructure and application teams.


CoreOS Tectonic provides a full stack of container infrastructure software that is supported by the team at CoreOS. Our products provide the latest software in a fully supported configuration to our customers while providing them with the flexibility to use container packaging that makes sense for their teams and from their software vendors, no compromises.

We fully support:

  • Cloud provider and bare-metal environment integrations
  • Base Compute Node Linux Kernel and Userspace with Container Linux
  • Kubelet and the Container Engine
  • Kubernetes Storage/Network/Cloud integrations
  • Kubernetes Control Components: API, Scheduler, etc

We test the entire stack end-to-end for each release and our teams are trained to support all of the components.

Further, we are dedicated to ensuring your applications work end-to-end and CoreOS provides best effort support on components that are not directly under our control. This includes analysis of issues arising from your application containers and machine configuration when Tectonic is installed on RHEL nodes. If we find application container issues arising from our supported stack, we provide workarounds, bug fix releases, or other solutions as appropriate. If the application container issues are not related to our stack, we can help direct support to the vendor, upstream, or distribution projects that are part of your application container.

For detailed information about CoreOS support, see the CoreOS Support Policy.