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A potential privilege escalation vulnerability in the Linux kernel, CVE-2016-0728, has been patched in the latest versions of CoreOS across the Alpha, Beta, and Stable channels. CoreOS systems set to perform automatic updates (the default) will receive the fix in the next several hours.

If automatic updates are disabled, you can force an update by running update_engine_client -check_for_update.

If you have any questions or concerns, please join us in IRC freenode/#coreos.

CoreOS rkt, the next-generation application container runtime for Linux, continues its flight toward being the most secure, composable container environment with the latest release, rkt 0.15.0. This significant release lays new groundwork for using containers to distribute and run the entire spectrum of software needed to construct the enterprise stack. Starting with this version of rkt, system-level processes can be executed at a configurable level of container isolation by a new feature called rkt fly.

We are happy to announce the release of Tectonic version 1.1, making it even easier to take advantage of the software-defined infrastructure benefits of containers. Tectonic delivers the best of CoreOS with Kubernetes for deploying, managing and securing containers throughout the enterprise distributed computing stack. Major updates in Tectonic 1.1 include Kubernetes 1.1 support and log streaming through the graphical Tectonic Console. The release also delivers bug fixes and feature improvements in Tectonic Identity.

If you haven’t been to our Web site in some time, you’ll notice that today Quay, by CoreOS, got a new look.

Along with our new look, today we are excited to share some updates.

Generally Available

Tectonic Summit is a little over a month away and we are excited to announce a wonderful group of speakers and schedule. Container experts, early adopters and those looking to learn more will gather in New York City on December 2 and 3 for our premier event for leaders in container-enabled infrastructure.

Today we are releasing etcd 2.2. This new release focuses on improving the tooling and developer experience. This release introduces an experimental demo of the next-generation v3 API, a new Go etcd client, and active cluster connectivity checking.

Tectonic and Mirantis

Today we are pleased to announce CoreOS is partnering with Mirantis to bring Tectonic to customers using OpenStack.

Today we are announcing rkt v0.7.0. rkt is an app container runtime built to be efficient, secure and composable for production environments. This release includes new subcommands for a rkt image to manipulate images from the local store, a new build system based on autotools and integration with SELinux. These new capabilities improve the user experience, make it easier to build future features and improve security isolation between containers.

Note on rkt and OCP

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