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The movement around containers and distributed systems represents one of the largest shifts in infrastructure platforms since cloud itself. Such a change creates a lot of confusion, particularly around platforms that are seen to be similar in nature.

Today we are announcing work to bring the worlds of VMs and containers together, particularly around OpenStack powered by Kubernetes.

Scalability is one of the important factors that make a successful distributed system. At CoreOS, we love Kubernetes and help drive the project forward through upstream contributions. Last November, we formed a team focused on Kubernetes scalability. We set out with a goal to test and understand Kubernetes cluster performance to gain insight into cluster behavior under large workloads and learn where there are performance issues.

Official installation of Kubernetes on CoreOS and AWS

As we head into AWS re:Invent next week, we are making it one step easier to use Kubernetes on AWS.

Today we are moving from Tectonic Private Preview to Tectonic Open Preview. In the Open Preview period, users are welcome to sign up and try out Tectonic at no cost. This is the last step before we hit general availability, and we welcome your feedback to guide the Tectonic roadmap as we move towards our GA launch. Sign up by going to and begin to experience the benefits of running Kubernetes and CoreOS first-hand.

Today we are releasing the first set of official Kubernetes on CoreOS guides and installation tools. This is in effort to make it even easier to get up and running with Kubernetes while experiencing the benefits of running on CoreOS Linux. The guides are actively maintained by the CoreOS team and are subject to regular Kubernetes conformance testing.

Today is a big day for Kubernetes, as it hits its 1.0 release milestone. Kubernetes provides a solid foundation for running container-based infrastructure providing API driven deployment, service discovery, monitoring and load balancing. It is exciting progress towards bringing industry-wide Google-like infrastructure for everyone else (GIFEE) through community-built open source software.

Today's guest post has been written by Micha "mies" Hernandez van Leuffen, the founder and CEO of wercker, a platform and tool for building, testing and deploying in the modern world of microservices, containers and clouds.

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Tectonic Launch Image

Our technology is often characterized as “Google’s infrastructure for everyone else.” Today we are excited to make this idea a reality by announcing Tectonic, a commercial Kubernetes platform. Tectonic provides the combined power of the CoreOS portfolio and the Kubernetes project to any cloud or on-premises environment.

If you aren’t familiar with Kubernetes, it is a container cluster manager from Google that offers a unique workflow for managing containers across multiple machines. We have written about Kubernetes and CoreOS in a tutorial series (Part 1, Part 2) here for those wanting to learn more.

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