Enterprise Kubernetes, delivered

Tectonic ships with CoreOS's signature automated operations, runs multi-cloud, and is the fastest, most secure path to Kubernetes.

Tectonic is the secure, automated, and hybrid enterprise Kubernetes platform. It automates operational tasks, enables platform portability and multi-cluster management, and is always current with the latest upstream OSS so as to eliminate vendor lock-in.

With Tectonic, CoreOS has taken Kubernetes and built a number of enterprise-grade features and capabilities around it, allowing businesses to:

Reduce operational costs

Improve engineering efficiency with automated operations. Reduce tedious maintenance and utilize multi-cloud deployments to optimize compute spend.

Simplify infrastructure management

Deploy and easily maintain reproducible Kubernetes environments. Ensure you effectively, securely, and reliably run your containerized applications at scale with automation operations.

Eliminate cloud provider lock-in

End cloud vendor lock-in by effectively managing your multi-cloud environment across multiple cloud providers. A foundation of open source software coupled with automated operations ensure no single provider owns your business’s infrastructure.

Accelerate time to deployment

Avoid the complexities of building and configuring all the components of a production Kubernetes stack on your own. Full platform deployability, expert best practices, and thorough integration testing get you live in production faster.

Inside the CoreOS Tectonic Stack

Take advantage of the benefits of Kubernetes in a way that is compliant with your security policies, ensures high levels of availability, and proves out the promised cost savings.

Tectonic ensures you meet all of these objectives with a rich feature set, including:

Multi-cloud—Deploy and manage your modern application infrastructure on premises and on any cloud. Use a single, consistent platform for your hybrid environment.

Orchestration—Build your new application infrastructure on pure upstream, open source Kubernetes that is always current and up-to-date. Deploy HA etcd with built-in backup and disaster recovery capabilities, and set up secure networking policies with flannel, Calico and CNI.

Docker Engine—Run your containerized applications on a secure and stable container runtime validated by CoreOS.

Container Linux—Leverage one of the industry's leading operating systems. It is purpose-built for containers and provides ease of application deployment, automation, security, reliability, and scalability.

Tectonic Console—Manage your infrastructure from top to bottom. Installation, security, monitoring, multi-cluster operations, and much more, all run through a single, governed dashboard.

Enterprise Security—Leverage your existing corporate identity at the user, group, and role levels. Define access control rules that map consistently across all interfaces, federated through SAML, LDAP, or OIDC.

Open Cloud Services—Simplify the management of your applications with popular open source services, such as etcd, Prometheus, and Vault. Each comes preconfigured and with automated operations.

Platform Monitoring—Benefit from built-in, automated upstream Prometheus to provide monitoring for Kubernetes components. Bypass setting up and configuring cluster monitoring tools yourself.

Quay Enterprise—Store, build, and deploy your containers and applications in any environment. Deploy behind your firewall, with our secure container registry.

Start using Kubernetes today.
Tectonic 10 Nodes

Run real workloads on Tectonic.

Deploy up to 10 nodes of Tectonic in development, test, or production environments.

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