Tectonic is enterprise-ready Kubernetes

Tectonic ships with CoreOS's signature Automated Operations, enables portability across private and public cloud providers, and is always upstream open source.

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Tectonic is trusted by world-class enterprises.
Fast, secure deployment

Correctly set up and easily maintain Kubernetes environments to effectively, securely, and reliably run and scale containerized applications across AWS, Azure, VMware, and bare metal.

Learn how Ticketmaster is moving its ticketing system to the cloud with Tectonic.

Tectonic’s installer deploys highly available Kubernetes in your environment.
Lower cost of operations

Take advantage of CoreOS’s signature Automated Operations technology in Tectonic. Every component – from Container Linux to etcd to Kubernetes –can be self-maintained without need for manual intervention.

Learn how Automated Operations works with Operators.

Tectonic is the only solution that can perform no-downtime upgrades of Linux and Kubernetes.
Easily manage your infrastructure

Tectonic Console and Tectonic Identity make it easy to effectively monitor and govern usage of the infrastructure across multiple environments, multiple cloud providers, on-prem virtual runtimes, and application teams.

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Tectonic ships with monitoring, alert configuration, secure networking, logging, and more
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FreeRun Kubernetes in production with CoreOS Tectonic.

Deploy up to 10 nodes of Tectonic in development, test, or production environments for free.

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Tectonic Includes

Highly Available Kubernetes
Easily deploy multiple masters and workers of Kubernetes.

Tectonic Console
Manage your infrastructure all in one place with a governed dashboard.

Governance and User Management
Govern with RBAC and integrate with your existing identity infrastructure: LDAP, SAML.

Prometheus Monitoring
Monitor your cluster and applications with Prometheus.

Prometheus AlertManager
Configure alerts across your infrastructure from Tectonic Console.

Secure Networking
Set up secure networking policies with Flannel and Calico.

Highly Available etcd with Disaster Recovery
Deploy HA etcd with built-in backup and restore capabilities.

Automated Operations
Easily update and maintain your infrastructure with CoreOS’s Automated Operations.

Container Linux Operating System
Leverage a lightweight Linux distribution, built for containers.

Logging & Auditing
Auditing is essential for everything in your infrastructure. Actions via API are tracked.