Enterprise Kubernetes, delivered

Tectonic ships with CoreOS's signature automated operations, runs multi-cloud, and is the fastest, most secure path to Kubernetes.

Troubleshooting known issues and workarounds

Re-applying over a partially failed run

Re-applying over a failed run is not supported until the installer migrates to Terraform 0.9. If you see the following output:

Error applying plan:

3 error(s) occurred:

* ignition_config.master: invalid file "8f8b62c46063e64e3709a2be1317bd83562abf43c3866d7adae023477b57fb47", unknown file id
* ignition_config.worker: invalid file "8f8b62c46063e64e3709a2be1317bd83562abf43c3866d7adae023477b57fb47", unknown file id
* ignition_config.etcd: invalid systemd unit "297994451bbc66a0b227eea50017c4d05fde37b99130d1efc2f6b14b3bd2a283", unknown systemd unit id

Destroy your cluster and start over.

Failed tectonic.service unit

If you see a failed tectonic.service unit, you will need to manually copy a file over to complete the install:

$ scp ./kubeconfig core@<your api public ip>:/home/core

Then SSH to the box:

$ ssh core@<your api public ip>

And execute this script to finish the install:

$ sudo bash /opt/tectonic/tectonic.sh kubeconfig /opt/tectonic/tectonic