We’re integrating Tectonic with Red Hat OpenShift

We are bringing the best of Tectonic to Red Hat OpenShift to build the most secure, hybrid Kubernetes application platform.

Troubleshooting known issues and workarounds

Re-applying over a partially failed run

Re-applying over a failed run is not supported until the installer migrates to Terraform 0.9. If you see the following output:

Error applying plan:

3 error(s) occurred:

* ignition_config.master: invalid file "8f8b62c46063e64e3709a2be1317bd83562abf43c3866d7adae023477b57fb47", unknown file id
* ignition_config.worker: invalid file "8f8b62c46063e64e3709a2be1317bd83562abf43c3866d7adae023477b57fb47", unknown file id
* ignition_config.etcd: invalid systemd unit "297994451bbc66a0b227eea50017c4d05fde37b99130d1efc2f6b14b3bd2a283", unknown systemd unit id

Destroy your cluster and start over.

Failed tectonic.service unit

If you see a failed tectonic.service unit, you will need to manually copy a file over to complete the install:

$ scp ./kubeconfig core@<your api public ip>:/home/core

Then SSH to the box:

$ ssh core@<your api public ip>

And execute this script to finish the install:

$ sudo bash /opt/tectonic/tectonic.sh kubeconfig /opt/tectonic/tectonic

Missing Terraform modules

If you see errors about missing modules:

Error configuring: 2 error(s) occurred:

* module.bootkube: provider localfile couldn't be found
* module.tectonic: provider localfile couldn't be found

These errors indicate that you are not using the customized Terraform binary bundled with the project. You can check this:

$ which terraform