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Terraform variables

This document gives an overview of variables used in the Openstack/Neutron platform of the Tectonic SDK.


Name Description Type Default
tectonic_openstack_dns_nameservers The DNS servers assigned to the generated OpenStack subnet resource. list <list>
tectonic_openstack_external_gateway_id The ID of the network to be used as the external internet gateway as given in openstack network list. string -
tectonic_openstack_flavor_id The flavor ID as given in openstack flavor list. Specifies the size (CPU/Memory/Drive) of the VM. string -
tectonic_openstack_floatingip_pool The name name of the floating IP pool as given in openstack floating ip list. This pool will be used to assign floating IPs to worker and master nodes. string public
tectonic_openstack_image_id The image ID as given in openstack image list. Specifies the OS image of the VM. string -
tectonic_openstack_neutron_config_version (internal) This declares the version of the OpenStack Neutron configuration variables. It has no impact on generated assets but declares the version contract of the configuration. string 1.0
tectonic_openstack_subnet_cidr The subnet CIDR for the master/worker/etcd compute nodes. This CIDR will also be assigned to the created the OpenStack subnet resource. string