Enterprise Kubernetes, delivered

Tectonic ships with CoreOS's signature automated operations, runs multi-cloud, and is the fastest, most secure path to Kubernetes.

Welcome to the Tectonic tutorials!

Thank you for your interest in CoreOS Tectonic. We hope you’re excited to learn how Tectonic works and how enterprise-ready Kubernetes can improve your organization’s application infrastructure.

To help you get up and running with Tectonic, we have designed these step-by-step tutorials for the following platforms:

Step-by-step tutorials are also available for the Tectonic Sandbox, a Tectonic testing environment designed for demo and self-learning purposes.

Each guide walks through:

  1. Platform prerequisites and preliminary setup
  2. Downloading and installing Tectonic
  3. Using Tectonic to deploy, scale, upgrade, and manage a simple app

Creating your Tectonic account

If you haven’t already done so, you can create your Tectonic account now, or do it as you move through the AWS/Azure tutorials. Tectonic is free for use of up to 10 nodes.

We will continue adding to these tutorials. Be sure to return and check for updates.

Let's get started. Choose a provider from the list below: