We’re integrating Tectonic with Red Hat OpenShift

We are bringing the best of Tectonic to Red Hat OpenShift to build the most secure, hybrid Kubernetes application platform.

Managing your CoreOS account

Creating a CoreOS account provides up to 10 free nodes on a Tectonic cluster.

Use the account management interface to review and update your CoreOS accounts and subscriptions.

Once created, log in to your CoreOS account to:

  • review and update account account number and contact information
  • review and update subscription plans
  • obtain CoreOS License and Pull Secret
  • add new users to the account
  • review billing information or update payment method
  • change account context

Review account information

Click the Account tab to view your CoreOS account number, and review or edit your contact information.

Review subscription plans

Use the Overview tab to review the history of your subscriptions, including activation date and status. Click Update my Plan to obtain contact information for subscription changes.

Obtain CoreOS License and Pull Secret

Use the Overview tab to copy or download your License and Pull Secret. This information is required to install Tectonic.

Add users to a CoreOS account

Use the Account tab to invite new users to an account, and manage existing user subscriptions. Users must be added to an account before they can deploy CoreOS software from the account.

To invite new users to the account, click Invite New User. Email invitations will be sent, from which new users may activate their account.

To accept the invitation, users must first create a CoreOS account by clicking the Register link at the bottom of the login box and completing email validation.

Once added, users will see the organization name to the left of their account name at the top of their Overview page. Their status on the Account page will change from Invited to Accepted.

To edit a user's access rights, click the sprocket to the left of their email address.

Select Change Role to assign Read Only or Admin rights to the user. Select Revoke Access to remove the user from the cluster.

Review and update billing information

Use the Billing tab to view billing information, or to change the account's payment method or billing address.

Change account context

A user may be a member of several CoreOS accounts. For example, they may have a Quay Enterprise license through work and access to a trial Tectonic cluster through a personal account. In this case, users must switch account contexts to access each license separately.

To switch contexts, click the email address in the upper right corner of the page, and select an account to load the Overview page for that context.