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Pull Secrets

Pull secrets are used to pull private container images from registries like Quay and Docker Hub.

Quay offers pre-populated Kubernetes pull secrets for each of your repositories. Check out the Quay docs for more information.

Add a pull secret with kubectl

To add a Pull Secret via the command-line, write a Kubernetes Secret resource file. This includes a name, namespace, and base-64 encoded docker config.json file.

This can be created with Kubernetes by copying the output of the following command:

$ kubectl create secret docker-registry staging-secret \
    --docker-server=quay.io \
    --docker-username=giffeeLover93 \
    --docker-password='my secret passphrase' \
    --docker-email='giffeeLover93@example.com' \
    --dry-run -o yaml

Which outputs:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  creationTimestamp: null
  name: staging-secret
  .dockercfg: eyJxdWF5LmlvIjp7InVzZXJuYW1lIjoiZ2lmZmVlTG92ZXI5MyIsInBhc3N3b3JkIjoibXkgc2VjcmV0IHBhc3NwaHJhc2UiLCJlbWFpb CI6ImdpZmZlZUxvdmVyOTNAZXhhbXBsZS5jb20iLCJhdXRoIjoiWjJsbVptVmxURzkyWlhJNU16cHRlU0J6WldOeVpYUWdjR0Z6YzNCb2NtRnpaUT09In19
type: kubernetes.io/dockercfg

The Pull Secret is registered with Kubernetes by passing the path to the above YAML file to kubectl create:

$ kubectl create -f my-custom-staging-secret.yaml
secret "staging-secret" created

Default Pull Secrets for a given Namespace can also be added via the Tectonic interface.

Namespace secret

Check out the Kubernetes Pull Secret user guide for more information about Kubernetes Pull Secrets.