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Troubleshooting Tectonic upgrades

This document describes how to troubleshoot issues encountered when upgrading to Tectonic versions 1.7.1-tectonic.1 or greater.

Upgrading StatefulSets

StatefulSet rolling updates may result in the following errors after upgrading to Kubernetes v1.7.x:

  • Calling kubectl describe on StatefulSets returns errors containing "Forbidden: pod updates may not change fields other than…".
  • StatefulSet Pod DNS entries stop resolving.

To resolve these issues, delete each affected Pod and allow the StatefulSet to recreate it.

Upgrading to 1.7.1-tectonic.1

To update to 1.7.1-tectonic.1, first update to 1.6.7-tectonic.2. Updates to 1.7.1-tectonic.1 from versions previous to 1.6.7-tectonic.2 will fail.

Switching to 1.7 channel before updating to v1.6.7-tectonic.2.

If Tectonic Console was used to switch to the Tectonic-1.7-preproduction or Tectonic-1.7-production channel from v1.6.7-tectonic.1 or previous, first revert to the channel listed before update. Then wait for the next update check. When Tectonic Console lists the option, switch to Tectonic-1.6.7. Once that update is complete, use the Console to update to Tectonic-1.7.

Updating to 1.7 before updating to v1.6.7_tectonic.2.

Updating Tectonic to 1.7.1-tectonic.1 before updating to 1.6.7_tectonic.2 will issue the following error:

Updates are not possible : Upgrade is not supported: minor version upgrade is not supported, desired: "1.7.2-tectonic.1", current: "1.6.7-tectonic.1"

To clear the error and proceed with the update, reset the ThirdPartyResource which stores update status.

First, use kubectl replace to reset to the desired version:

kubectl replace -f - <<EOF
apiVersion: coreos.com/v1
kind: AppVersion
  name: tectonic-cluster
  namespace: tectonic-system
    managed-by-channel-operator: "true"
  currentVersion: 1.6.7-tectonic.1
  paused: false
  desiredVersion: 1.6.7-tectonic.1
  paused: false

Then, use Tectonic Console to switch the channel back to Tectonic-1.6. Click Check for Updates, then click Start Upgrade.

After upgrading to 1.6.7-tectonic.2, switch to the Tectonic-1.7 channel and upgrade from there.