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Troubleshooting Chargeback

The most likely issue to occur with Chargeback is that it's not starting all the pods. Pods may fail to start due to lack of resources, or if they have a dependency on a resource that does not exist, such as a StorageClass or Secret.

This guide will help determine the cause.

Not enough compute resources

The most common issue when installing or running Chargeback is lack of compute resources. Ensure that Chargeback has been allocated the minimum resource requirements described in the installation prerequisites.

To determine if the issue is with resources or scheduling, follow the troubleshooting instructions included in the Kubernetes document Managing Compute Resources for Containers.

If a container's status is pending, the issue is most likely with scheduling.

Storage Class not configured

Chargeback requires that a default Storage Class be configured for dynamic provisioning.

See configuring chargeback for information on how to check if there are any StorageClasses configured for the cluster, how to set the default, and how to configure Chargeback to use a StorageClass other than the default.